Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Trust points.

I don't know about you, but I find that the most valuable things in life are other people. Social equity is priceless and irreplaceable. Building it takes time, but can take a split second to get ruined.

Building a relationship with another person is something that we work on all our lives. Cashiers and store managers are a valuable social equity. Building trust points is essentially to your successful couponing.
I hope you all forgive me if I sound somewhat patronizing - I honestly don't mean to. But this is something I am very passionate about. People, of all colors, ages, sizes and shapes are so priceless. Like them or hate them - they are a part of our lives, and you simply cannot know how someone can impact your life at any time.

So, "Trust points". If you are shopping at the same store every week, it only makes sense that the cashiers will remember you. Would you rather they whisper under breath "Oh no, not her/him again", or greet you with a smile as a friend?

The answer is obvious. But, being nice and personable as a couponer is only half of it. You must build Trust points, and that means - using your coupons responsibly. That means not trying to get something for nothing (unless there is a coupon for it haha), cheat the store, and generally make cashier's life miserable. After a few times of meticulously using the coupons correctly, the cashiers will give you trust points.
I found it in my own experience, if the store knows that I always get the correct item for my coupons, they scrutinize my coupons less. THIS SHALL NOT BE ABUSED. EVER. Once you loose your trust points, you will not gain them back.

In conclusion, the person who scans your purchases is a part of your experience as a human being. Most likely you will remember them long after you move from that neighborhood. You might even remember something about their personal life, or about their kids. They might remember you and something about you.

And maybe, just maybe, that 16-year old girl, working part-time at Wallgreens is a child of God, who has the Father's ear. Maybe, just maybe one day she will say a prayer on your behalf, all because you took the time and effort to make her a part of your human social circle.

So, forget the coupons. People first, coupons last. People last, deals come and go.

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