Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Internet coupons

Ever since the rise of couponing, more and more sites are popping up that offer the manufacturers coupons. I was comprehensive at first about having to install their coupon printer, but actually its easy and safe.

My favorite site is, and I would like to share a couple of tips regarding that.

If you are using sites like KCL, who will link directly to the coupon (under Find my Store, and the listing of the sales) - avoid doing that. Reason being is that you will end up printing a single coupon per single sheet of paper. That's wasteful.

Instead, note the coupons you will need from the site, and go there later, picking out the ones you need. You can print 3 coupons on a single sheet of paper. Unfortuantely, in order to print more than one coupon, you have to do it twice (use the "clip" option twice). Basically, as far as I found, you cannot tell it to print the same coupon twice, probably due to the nessesity of tracking the coupons (each one has their own number.)

As far as I can tell, the jury on whether you can use B&W coupons is out. I prefer to print them in color, it just makes them look a bit more official. I have had some cashiers doubt the validity of the coupons printed on regular paper. But it hurts me, so if anyone knows for sure - let me know. I'd rather not waste more color ink than I have to.

In addition to product coupons they also have a section on various coupons, ranging from restaurants to dentists. It's a good way to find extra sweet savings!

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