Thursday, May 23, 2013

I heart Publix pt 2

One thing I mentioned about Publix is the other awesome services that they provide. Fist of all - the Baby Club. About once a couple of months after singing up, they will start sending coupons on baby items.
You can combine store coupons with manufacturer coupons.
I have bought  boxes of diapers with 5$ off of them with my coupons. My favorite is the BOGO on wipes, because any mom knows - wipes don't go bad.

So, even if you don't have a baby, but perhaps know someone - its a good idea to sing up for that.

And that's just one of the savings clubs that they offer. There is preschool, paws, and Upromise, which allows you, your friends and family contribute to your kid's college fund while shopping (by buying certain products).
Season's Pick will alerts you to fresh produce that's on sale throughout the year - based on seasonally grown fruits and vegetables.
Wine Guide will not only give you coupons, but also teach you about the wines and how to read wine labels. I haven't signed up for that, because we really don't enjoy wine all that much, but I am sure that I have been doing "wine" wrong all my life.

So, while this is obvious that every business wants to be your buddy, but I feel that Publix rose above the rest by miles, and offers some amazing stuff, while also offering some great savings. I recall buying pre-made Thanksgiving meal from them ( at that point I just did not want or could not cook, I don't recall) - and everything we got was delicious.

Oh, also, Publix offers cooking classes. So, click on Aprons on, and see if here are classes available in your area! I always wanted to take one.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of cool stuff that  Publix offers, and I know many of us never even heard of. Hopefully you will find something awesome for you and your family there as well!

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