Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Coupon organizing pt2

There comes in every couponers life, when a serious decision must be made. Last night I realized that I have too many coupons. there are everywhere - in two binders, in my purse, laying in my empty dishes, on my desk.
Sorting them takes a while, and they spill out. I forget the good ones in the "wrong" purse when I go shopping. I think I let some good ones at the store by mistake. And it makes me sad.

I think I am going to start what other couponers are doing:
- get a filing folder/bucket (the one with the large accordion folder slots)
- Just stick the Sunday insert booklets there, dating them accordingly
- Just cut out coupons as/when I need them

While this eliminates the simple pleasure of cutting them out, it also saves my brain from coupon insanity. Also time, of course.

I'll let you know how it goes.

But overall, the couponing has been great to me so far. I have enough laundry detergent for the next year or so (purchased for 1.50/bottle, instead of 4.99/bottle), shampoo for the next couple of years, razors for a few months (and really expensive ones, not the cheapie 1$ ones). Random hair products that I don't even use (the pretty bottle hair curler mousse made me look like a hobo last time). Toothpase - for a year.
Cereal for the next week or so. Sides - for weeks. Drink mixes for the next several months.
My little "Shelf" is sort of like my dragon's treasure. Sometimes I go to look at it just for the fun of having these things on hand.

Don't want to fall into materialism, but to be honest, its just calming to have stuff that you need, and not worry about running out. Even if its just for a little while.

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